About us

Estonia’s first home brewing kits!

Oma Õlu LLC was established 2012, it’s 100% Estonian capital based company. We have great experience in home brewing, shareholders also have behind years of work experience in one of Estonian main breweries. In our products we use malt extracts of Estonian and Czech origin and hops from around the World (Germany, Slovenia, U.S., New-Zealand, etc).

Every homemade beer is unique. Brewing from malt-extract kit doesn’t require a large space or special skills. Our mission is to popularize brewing beer at home, thereby promoting the beer culture in Estonia.

Homebrew is ease!

Oma Õlu LLC
Registry code: 12309567
VAT number: EE101770886
Bank account: SEB Pank EE111010220209151229Warehouse address:
Rakvere mnt 9, Haljala 45301,
Lääne-Virumaa, Estonia

Office address:
Mahtra 22-44 Tallinn 13811

Are you interested in our products or cooperation?
Feel free to contact our staff:

Sales and Purchase: Jaan Kask,jaan@maltoosa.ee,tel +372 52 80230
Brewmaster: Raavo Vask,raavo@maltoosa.ee,tel +372 5647 5669
General address: maltoosa@maltoosa.ee